Inspiration’s programming philosophy targets the millions of Americans who embrace inspirational and family values. INSP features information and entertainment content, with patriotic and faith-oriented themes reflecting the diversity of audiences within the American tradition.


Inspiration At A Glance

Currently carried in over 60 million homes
Distributed on Cable, Satellite, Telco and IPTV
Committed to original programming
State-of-the-art production facilities
No License Fee


Inspirational Audience

  • 78% of Americans believe in God. (Gallup Poll 2009)
  • 64% of the US population reports that religion is an important part of their daily lives. (Gallup Poll 2009)
  • 45% of adults state that they attend church every week.
  • 45% of all adults watch Christian Television each month. (Barna)

Inspiration viewers are “heavy” TV viewers, spending a higher than average number of hours watching television or movies at home. (MRI 2009)


76% of inspirational viewers subscribe to cable television, and are more likely than the national average to subscribe to digital cable. (MRI 2009)


Inspirational consumers gravitate toward themes of Faith, Family and Freedom


Our audience tends to desire and watch networks:

  • where faith is appreciated, acknowledged and accepted
  • that reflect the concept of the traditional family
  • that are committed to foundational freedoms


Our Programming

Inspiration gives subscribers a wide choice in faith-based programming by offering nationally-respected preachers and teachers. We blend this with traditional family series, music favorites, informative original programs and exclusive specials to complete a lineup that resonates with the inspirational viewer and provides them with a place to celebrate Faith, Family & Freedom!


*Source: MediaBiz


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